Sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord!   Ephesians 5:19

Music plays an important part in Christian worship. The Bible is full of accounts of people singing their praises to the Lord. At Friendship Bible Chapel we love to sing praises as we worship the Lord. We sing both traditional and contemporary songs. Some of our congregation's favorites are: Shout to the Lord, Once Again, Lord I Lift Your Name on High, Power in the Blood, We Will Dance, and Majesty. Our pianist and song leader, John Sawin, has written several songs that we use in worship also.

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At Friendship Bible Chapel we recognize the Holy Spirit as our worship leader. We also make the important distinction that singing is just one part of worship, and not worship in and of itself. Worship includes prayer, rejoicing, quiet times, playing musical instruments, exclaiming the Lord's works past and present (prophesying), speaking His praises, sharing in the Remembranc Feast, proclaiming His worth before the congregation of saints, as well as singing! What a great gift God has given us in music. The best use of that gift is found in glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ!

During our meetings our musicians sit in a group among the other believers in our gathering. We do not — nor will we in the future — be up in front of the believers on a stage. We are all members of the body gathered together for worship. No one is more important than the other. We strive to follow the New Testament pattern for worship — each one sharing his or her gift as led by the only true Worship Leader, the Holy Spirit.